Research institutions

How EMBRAPII works

The R&D Institution submits proposals to the Public Call (link) accreditation, open periodically by EMBRAPII.

Once accredited, through a Plan of Action, the EMBRAPII Units (link) and EMBRAPII Hubs (link) are able to develop R,D&I projects with industrial companies.

Advantages for R&D Institutions

  • Investment is shared – EMBRAPII model affords lower risk and costs to innovation projects;
  • Agility: a portion of financial resources is released immediately
  • Partnership with companies that commercialize products developed jointly with R&D Institution.
  • Professional qualification of R&D management, supported by the EMBRAPII Operational Excellence System.

How financial resources are released

  • EMBRAPII anticipates resources for Unit hire projects with companies >resources for costs
  • Project is negotiated directly between the COMPANY and Accredited Unit
  • Enables agility, flexibility and speed in the use of resources and changing scope of projects;

Understand the main interactions between the accredited units and companies


Any questions be in touch with EMBRAPII advisory: