About us

EMBRAPII – the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation is a Social Organization connected to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Comunications (MCTIC) and to the Ministry of Education (MEC). EMBRAPII´s Management Contract was signed on December 2nd, 2013, and both federal Ministries share responsibility for its funding.

EMBRAPII’s operating model enables quickness, flexibility and reduced risk in supporting companies’ RD&I projects. The non-refundable grants managed by EMBRAPII are invested in projects carried out by companies and research institutions, acknowledged for their excellence, technological focus and the ability to meet companies´ RD&I demands. EMBRAPII Units have funds that are available exclusively for innovation projects.

EMBRAPII operates through cooperation with public or private technological and scientific research institutions, that are accredited as EMBRAPII Research Units. These Units focus on entrepreneurial demands and innovation projects that are in the pre-competitive stage.



Contribute to Innovation in Brazilian industry through strengthened collaboration between industry, universities and research institutes.


To be recognized as an innovative institution in promoting RD&I for industries in Brazil with agility, flexiblity and quality.