How EMBRAPII works

The company contacts the EMBRAPII unit or EMBRAPII hub, that will analyse the demand for R,D&I. The Units have a flexible and agile cooperation model in their technological areas of competence (link), ensuring a high level of service in these areas.

Advantages for companies

  • Investment is shared – the EMBRAPII model affords lower risk and cost;
  • Projects are focused on industrial demand for innovation;
  • Financial resources are available;
  • Agility in signingcontracts;
  • Research institutions with technological competence for project development;
  • Proven experience: professionalization to execute projects.

Financial resources are available

  • EMBRAPII anticipates resources so that the accredited units can execute projects with companies directly. In this way, resources are immediately available once the contract is signed. These resources may be usedto finance EMBRAPII Operational costs.
  • Enables agility, flexibility and speed in the use of resources andproject development.

Understand the main interactions between companies and EMBRAPII units


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